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A True Texas BBQ Legend

Texas BBQ Legend Eddie Deen

Texas By Texans vendor Eddie Deen has a rich history feeding the masses Texas BBQ on a grand Texas BBQ Legend Eddie Deen with George W Bushscale.

Deen catered exclusively for George W. Bush as governor and as president, and went on to cater all of Gov. Rick Perry’s gubernatorial inaugurations. He recently catered a barbeque serving 17,000 at Gov. Greg Abbott’s inauguration. But Deen’s reach doesn’t stop in Texas hearts. The company catered the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah and served over 100,000 evacuees at the Convention Center in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. Deen has even catered all over the world. With that kind of record, rest assured that your Thanksgiving dinner will be perfect with one of Eddie Deen’s Smoked Turkeys.

The best part is that Eddie Deen does the work for you and all you have to do is hit your recipe books and files to find the perfect sides for your smoked turkey. But make sure you order smoked turkey by November 16 so it reaches you in time for the big day.

Below is a quick video about why Eddie Deen smoked turkey and Texas BBQ are great choices for your holiday table.

Happy Thanksgiving from Texas By Texans