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Tenderloin Combo Pack


The tenderloin is the most tender and succulent cuts of meat. The Tenderloin Combo Pack contains one pound each of fully cooked beef tenderloin and pork tenderloin.


Each tenderloin is hand-cured and slow-smoked over Hickory embers until fully cooked. It is delicious either hot or cold.


Eddie Deen’s Smoked Turkey

$50.00 - $87.50



Yea! 2017 Turkey sales are on.


Special infusion methods make these birds a mouth-watering…  jaw-dropping…..  one of a kind experience. When you order an Eddie Deen smoked turkey, we know your guests will come back for seconds!


Honey-Glazed Spiral-Sliced Ham

$59.95 - $119.95

The Honey-Glazed Spiral-Sliced Ham always seems to be everyone’s favorite! This ham was named Grand Champion Ham by Texas Meat Processors.

These hams are perfect for holiday dinners, celebrations, open houses, and anytime you want to impress and satisfy your friends and family! Order and enjoy!...


Tamale Party Pack



Here you go! Free Shipping on 11 lbs. of tamales in the Tamale Party Pack! The answer to your cravings: hand-rolled tamale goodness, every bite-full a blast of delicious flavor. The Tamale Party Pack has 64 tamales ready to heat and serve. Cooked and ready to eat, these tamales are...



Pecan Pie in Texas Gift Box

$23.95 - $29.95

Pecan Pie is the State Pie of Texas. These pies are shipped in an eye-catching plain brown box with a cut-out in the shape of Texas on the top, which allows you to see the beautiful pie inside. Everyone loves these pies made from fresh orchard pecans grown in the San Saba region!

San Saba pecans are a Texas treasure.


Office Party Gift Basket


The perfect addition for the office celebration! Surprise your employees or coworkers with this wonderful basket of goodies. This is a real Texas treat and an excellent choice for the Holidays, etirement parties, going away parties, promotion parties or for any occasion.  It could also be the best thank you that you can give....


Texas State Cake Pan


When you get ready to bake up something fun and delicious, it’s much easier when the baking pan can almost whistle “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You.” This Texas State Cake Pan has the shape and look that keeps it honorable and true.  It is made out of Cast Aluminun. Size: 11″ x 11″


Hand-Painted Ornaments by



These Ornaments by Pattilu are hand-painted ornaments on a hand-blown glass bulb with frost and silver pearl finishes. Each ornament is signed by our award-winning artist, Pattilu. She is a

native Texan and has been painting most of her life...



Jerry Baird’s 4 Seasonings

Gift Box


Jerry’s All-Purpose rub goes on anything you’re cooking (that ain’t moving).  The All-Purpose Rub is Jerry’s bestseller; it’s low sodium and gives food a fresh taste. Great on any meat or vegetable.  4.5 oz.

Gift Box includes: All-Purpose Seasoning, Rib & Brisket Rub, Fajita Mesquite Flavored Seasoning, and Jalapeno Sizzling Salt.


Hot Ruby Two-Bottle Gift Pack


It’s time to celebrate!

Hot Ruby is a cranberry and citrus juice cocktail infused with cinnamon and clove. Ready to serve. Perfect when served over ice, or add your favorite spirits for a special treat. For a cozy evening, pour a bit of Hot Ruby in a mug of your favorite hot beverage...


Republic of Texas Clock

$199.00 - $249.00

If you love Texas, this clock is for you!

Show your Texas pride with this Republic of Texas clock in a western motif.  The white clock face is screen printed with enamel ink on enamel coated steel.


You can select either the 12” or 16” size.


Taste of Texas Pecan Pralines


One dozen of our delicious original, creamy mini pralines (1 oz.) individually wrapped in a unique package. The Taste of Texas Pecan Pralines package is  shaped like the state of Texas.

This would be the perfect gift to or from proud Texans!  Give it for birthdays, thank you, welcome to Texas,

encouragement, congratulations, a ...



Texas Histerical Marker – At This Very Location


This Histerical Marker has “State of Mind Histerical Committee” printed around the circumference of a circle that encompasses an image of the state of Texas. Below the circle, in a rectangle sign is the text, “At this very location on April 12, 1861 absolutely nothing happened”...


Mountain Home Sunset Afghan / Throw



You are sure to love this beautiful, hand-crafted afghan with a story to tell. This is the only ONE that will be made with this design!


The fabric is yarn dyed by the manufacturer. Before the weaving begins, the 100% cotton fabric is washed in hot water ...


Men’s All-Natural Beard Set


Be kind to your beard with these all-natural products. Whether your beard needs to be tamed or simply needs a little extra care, this Men’s All-Natural Beard Set is for you. Your beard will be under control, feeling soft and any “beardruff” will be kept at bay.

Handmade using...


Let It Snow 3-Gallon

Tin of Popcorn

$37.55- $47.25

The Let It Snow three-gallon tin of popcorn is a colorful addition to your Holiday Celebration or give or send this tin to your family, friend, colleague, or boss. It’s a tasty way to say “Happy Holidays! ”Six delicious flavor combinations to choose from...


Pet and People Portraits in Acrylic

$400.00 - $1,565.00

Martha Bennett is a native Texan and a Dallas artist who creates exquisite people and pet portraits from photographs. The resemblances are uncanny.

The portraits are available in three standard sizes; 11″ x 14″, 14″ x 17″ and 16″ x 20″...


Twisted Hickory Photographer’s Hiking Stick

$67.99 - $77.99

Hiking and nature photography!

Twisted Hickory Photo stick is handcrafted from a dark hickory wood. Hickory, known for its strength, is traditionally used for making durable handles for tools and it is an ideal choice for a strong, sturdy walking aid and photo stick combo....


Custom Youth Bat – Ash Model



A Child’s Perfect First Bat!

Custom Youth Bat.

Bat can be engraved with child’s name and favorite color.

Recommended for Ages 4-12.


Nicole Windchime


Peace and harmony abound!

This beautifully handcrafted windchime is built using the highest quality materials and is designed to produce clear, musical tones. It measures 66” in total length and has six metal tubes. The clear, musical tones are so beautiful you will treasure these chimes for years to come!...




Texas Treasure Collection Filled with Candles and More

The Texas Treasure Collection has been created exclusively for Texas by Texans at the special price of $99.95. The Collection is only available on this site. The retail value is $142.00.


The Collection is filled with candles, potpourri and more in your choice of heavenly scents.


Every product is handmade with natural ingredients.


The Texas Treasure Collection includes:


Candle in a Glass , Linen Room Spray, Scented Sachet, Tart Melts

Popourri, Votives, Diffuser With  Reeds


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Eric Hanson Artwork

Eric Hanson has lived in the Dallas area since 1977.  He received his B.A. in Graphic Design from Abilene Christian University in 1994 and designed Web-related graphics for 20 years.  During that time, he also painted residential and commercial murals — 40 in all.


Inspired by the high volume of artwork produced by his then two-year-old daughter Georgia, Eric decided to pursue fine arts in 2009. By the beginning of 2011, he had developed his own unique “splatter painting” technique, which was met with much enthusiasm.

$40.00 - $200.00

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Suzanne Morgan Designs

Nuno Felted String Scarf is made from hand-dyed silk and super soft Merino Wool.  It can be worn numerous ways and it’s very lightweight so it can be worn year-round.


All scarves are dyed by hand so no two are alike.


Please allow 10 business days to complete the order.




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Vintage Dreamz - Vintage Container Plants

Texas grown succulent plants contained in one of a kind vintage containers.


No two are alike!


Arrives with these individually wrapped items: container, dirt, rocks and succulent.


Easy to assemble.



$18.00 - $26.50

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The mission statement for our Texas Work of Art Foundation is to promote, preserve and advance art and music education in accredited Texas schools.  The Texas Work of Art Foundation is excited to be in the position of supporting this much-needed education niche.


Bringing attention to the necessity of preserving and advancing  education in the arts  and entrepreneurship is a high priority for the Texas Work of Art Foundation.  We are developing a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum that will teach high school and older students how to turn their artistic talent into a career.  Advancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) careers to STEAM ( Science, Technology Engineering, ARTS, Mathematics) is also a high priority for the Foundation. Finally, The Texas Work of Art Foundation will encourage the on-going entrepreneurial spirit of Texas.


The Texas Work of Art Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.


If you would like to know more about the Texas Work of Art Foundation and how you can be a part of this important initiative, please submit your email address, name and contact information.


Thank you for your interest in supporting this generation and future Texas generations in their pursuit into the wonderful world of art and music.

Shannon Barnett - Executive Director




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