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Jerry’s All-Purpose rub goes on anything you’re cooking (that ain’t moving).  The All-Purpose Rub is Jerry’s bestseller; it’s low sodium and giv

Dallas Cowboys 3 Gallon
Tin of Popcorn

$37.55 – $47.25

This is the same popcorn that is served at the stadium during Cowboys games! You will love the popcorn — and when the popcorn is gone, you will have this beautiful Cowboys tin for decoration and re-purposing as a storage container. It’s perfect for home, work rooms, and dorm rooms alike!



It’s time to celebrate! Hot Ruby is a cranberry and citrus juice cocktail infused with cinnamon and clove. Ready to serve.

Regulation Size Chocolate Football


Local Pickup ONLY in Dallas – No Shipping Available.


The Regulation Size Chocolate Football is made daily with the finest organic and natural ingredients. Wax or artificial preservatives are never used. The chocolates are well balanced, beautiful, and an incredible culinary experience.


If you love Texas, this clock is for you! Show your Texas pride with this Republic of Texas clock in a western motif.

Eddie Deen’s BBQ Tailgater’s Special


Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ribs, Chicken and BBQ Sauce. More than 8 pounds to Enjoy.


Eddie Deen’s BBQ Tailgater’s Special makes it easy to entertain before, during, and after the game without having to cook.


One dozen of our delicious original, creamy mini pralines (1 oz.) individually wrapped in a unique package.

Texas Star Earrings and Pendant

$58.00 – $158.00

Proudly show your love of Texas when you wear the sterling silver Texas Star earrings and pendant.


Both the pendant and earrings are in the shape of the state of Texas with the Lone Star in the middle. The sterling silver jewelry is handcrafted by Texas artisans committed to their art and their love of Texas.


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Treat your guests to authentic Texas flavors with these items from Texas by Texans.

Choose from a variety of Texas BBQ, smoked meats, tamales, soda pop, and more.


The mission statement for our Texas Work of Art Foundation is to promote, preserve and advance art and music education in accredited Texas schoo

The mission statement for our Texas Work of Art Foundation is to promote, preserve and advance art and music education in accredited Texas schools.  The Texas Work of Art Foundation is excited to be in the position of supporting this much-needed education niche.


Bringing attention to the necessity of preserving and advancing  education in the arts  and entrepreneurship is a high priority for the Texas Work of Art Foundation.  We are developing a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum that will teach high school and older students how to turn their artistic talent into a career.  Advancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) careers to STEAM ( Science, Technology Engineering, ARTS, Mathematics) is also a high priority for the Foundation. Finally, The Texas Work of Art Foundation will encourage the on-going entrepreneurial spirit of Texas.


The Texas Work of Art Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.


If you would like to know more about the Texas Work of Art Foundation and how you can be a part of this important initiative, please submit your email address, name and contact information.


Thank you for your interest in supporting this generation and future Texas generations in their pursuit into the wonderful world of art and music.

Shannon Barnett - Executive Director




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