Christmas Tree Ornaments

How Christmas Tree Ornaments Can Show Off Your Texas Pride

Each year, all over Texas, we all lovingly decorate our trees with Christmas tree ornaments. Most people have “memories” that they put out each year, remembering the first Christmas of their child, the trip to a special place, or a set of ornaments given by a grandmother. Some of us have a few ornaments that just represent the Great State of Texas – and some of us have our entire trees decorated in those Texas ornaments. Pattilu is the Texas by Texans artist who makes our special Texas Christmas Ornaments.

Pattilu Bowlsby, a Texas native, is the daughter of a Texas art teacher. She has been painting most of her life but for the last 25 years or so has spent the whole year long painting Christmas Ornaments – Texas Christmas Ornaments, to be precise. Each one of her ornaments is hand-painted with beautiful scenes that glitter like new snow and Christmas lights.

Her ornaments are so well-known, she has been featured on Texas Country Reporter, Texas Highways, and Texas Co-op Power Magazine that many people in the Texas countryside get each month through their electric company. Each ornament is unique and signed by Pattilu herself.

Pattilu is a big lover of Christmas – and she loves Texas, good thing since she spends most of her year thinking about both – and doing something to make it great. She is quite busy, sometimes even has a bit of trouble keeping up with new orders – but she always makes it and even works in a bit of time to make “special” ornaments for customers who ask.

Texas by Texans is proud to feature some of her beautiful ceramic ornaments like the Santa Sleigh Ornament – which comes with a blue or a red Texas, right in the sleigh. Another of our favorites is the bright blue Texas with Bluebonnets and still another is a bright red Texas with Christmas Ornaments strewn about. No matter which is your favorite, they would make great teacher’s gifts or a perfect addition to your own tree.

When Texas Country Reporter asked her “why” people would want a Texas ornament, her reply was simply…”Because it’s Texas!” We feel the same way.

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