Dirt on Your Skirt

Dirt on Your Skirt is a collaboration between Lori and Dan Dudley. They met in 1988 and they first enjoyed creating handmade water colored Christmas cards.

While Lori decorated show rooms at the World Trade Center, Dan designed props for theme parties. From there Dan’s love cartooning turned into an animation business with Lori as the project manager. They co-owned Dan Dudley Cartoons for 11 years.

At the same time Lori studied massage therapy and rediscovered a skill for clay. Her work in clay stemmed from her 20’s while in West Virginia. She drew Dan into collaborating with clay for  a “Day of the Dead” show at the Bath House Cultural Center in 2000.

Lori Dudley grew up in the hills of Pennsylvania and developed a love of nature and organic shape.  By studying every detail of leaves, seeds, pods, lichens and mosses, Lori translates their beauty into clay. Throwing clay on the wheel is a very centering experience for Lori and is usually the base form on which she or Dan builds.

As a child Dan and his mother would go on field trips painting watercolors. Each of his landscapes always had Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck running through them. This led to many years of commercial cartooning and animation. Now he uses his humorous twist in ceramics by translating detailed charters into clay which he calls “dimensional illustration.”

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