Glass Lamp with Amber, White and Black


Artisan-Crafted Fused Glass


The Glass Lamp in Amber, White and Black features rich, fused glass tones highlighted with black accents. An elegant addition to your home or office.

The amber and white colors are combined in one sheet of glass. No two pieces are exactly alike because each glass sheet diffuses light in a slightly different way. The artisan embraces the small variations because they add beauty to each Light Shade.

The striking black accents are created using thin rods of glass called stringers.

The artist integrates a contrast of finishes – glossy surface on the outside and matte finish on the inside.

The Light Shade measures 16” in diameter x 7” tall.

Weight: 3 pounds

The price is for the SHADE ONLY. Light fixture is not included but is readily available at lighting stores, home improvement stores, Amazon, etc. Look for a light fixture using a screw-on ring that attaches the shade to the fixture. The Glass Light Shade has a 1-3/4” hole at the top.

Each handmade Amber, White and Black Glass Light Shade is a unique piece of glass art with slight variations. If you’re ordering multiples there will be slight differences. No need for concern, the small differences are appealing and highlight the artisan-crafted process vs. something that is mass-produced.

Please allow three weeks for the artisan to handcraft the Light Shade.

About the Texas Artisan and the Fused Glass Process

The lamp is handmade by a Texas artisan who loves working with glass. When he discovered the fused glass or kiln-glass process he knew it was the medium for him. The technique requirestechnical skill, precise planning and artistic expression to get the desired result.

Fused glass uses the high temperatures of a kiln to heat the glass until it softens and fully fuses to a flat piece. The piece is then placed in a mold and reheated until it takes the shape of the mold.

Fused glass is different from blown glass in that glass is heated in a kiln and the high temperatures soften the glass and fuse together. Blown glass inflates molten glass into a bubble with the aid of a blowpipe.

Each hand made item is slightly different and may have very slight variations. The slight differences are controlled by the artist and add to the beauty of the finished piece.


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in


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