Dublin Soda Pop Custom Case


Dublin Soda Pop Custom Case

World’s Best Sodas Made with Pure Cane Sugar
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Dublin, Texas is home of the world’s best bottled sodas all made exclusively with pure cane sugar for over 120 years.

There are 16 delicious and unique flavors to enjoy!

You can select 4 different flavors for your custom case.  Be adventurous and select 4 now!

Texas Red Crème
A blast from the past, everyone loves a delicious red cream made with our pure cane sugar masterpiece.

Vintage Cola
Quench your thirst with a sweet kick reminiscent of old time fountain sodas.

Vanilla Cream Soda
“Bigger than Texas” vanilla flavor is a cure for any sweet tooth.  This is no subtle cream soda so prepare to enjoy!

TeXas Orange Dream Soda
Orange cream soda hits the spot all through the year. Real orange flavor with just the right amount of cream.

Tart-N-Sweet Lemonade
Bring back memories of Grandma’s lemonade with real lemon flavor and pure cane sugar.  This is a zesty thirst quencher not to be forgotten.

TeXas Root Beer
Texas’ new best sippin’ soda that is frothy, sweet but not syrup-y.

Retro Grape
Real grape soda enjoyed by kids and grownups alike. And the pure cane sugar can’t be beat!

Cherry Limeade
Sweet cherry and pure cane sugar beat the Texas heat with a citrus lime kick.

1891 Red Cola
Smooth and rich, this is the perfect blend of cola and stone fruit flavors.

Ginger Ale
Fizzy, light and crisp, this is the perfect blend of sugar and spice.

TeXas Sweet Peach
Nothing is better than Texas peaches so enjoy this great peach taste in a bottle!

1891 TeXas Blueberry
Be blown away with sweet yet tangy tartness along with a hint of berries. Yum!

Fru Fru Berry
It’s a Berry explosion with mixed berry flavors. Think of it as sweet tarts in a bottle!

1891 TeXas Grapefruit
Your tongue will tingle with a blast of Texas citrus flavors. Enjoy!

Diet TeXas Root Beer
No excuse not to indulge in this sweet sippin’ soda which is not syrup-y.
Made with Splenda and zero calories.

1891 Green Apple
Sweet apple blend with a tart kick would make Granny Smith proud!

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Weight 34.5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 13 in


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