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Thanksgiving Turkey Orders Must Be Shipped 2nd Day Air or Overnight. If you select ground shipping your turkey will arrive after Thanksgiving.


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Hosting family and friends for the holidays can be a joyful experience when you’re not stuck in the kitchen.  Order one or two of the fully cooked Eddie Deen’s Smoked Turkeys and you can kick back and enjoy the holidays. All you have to do is slice, serve and enjoy.

Eddie Deen’s smoked meats are so delicious they’ve been served to two U.S. presidents and a whole bunch of Texas governors. Treat your family and friends to the same experience while staying away from your oven.

Eddie Deen’s secret recipe takes time to prepare. The meat is cured, steeped in Eddie’s secret mix and smoked to perfection. Eddie Deen’s fully cooked smoked turkeys are mouth-watering, moist and filled with Texas smoked flavor.

Order your turkey by the pound.

  • 8 pounds serves 8-14 people
  • 10 pounds serves 10-16 people
  • 12 pounds serves 12-18 people
  • 14 pounds serves 14-20 people

The fully cooked smoked turkeys are best served chilled or at room temperature.

Thanksgiving Turkey Orders Must be Shipped 2nd Day Air or Overnight. If you select Ground Shipping your Turkey will be delivered After Thanksgiving.

Food Safe Handling: Be sure and place your turkey in the refrigerator or freezer upon delivery. Eddie Deen’s turkeys will keep in the refrigerator for 6 – 8 days. If you freeze your turkey, begin thawing in the refrigerator at least two days before serving. The turkey is frozen when shipped and partially thaws along the way. Smoked and cured meats are safe to ship without dry ice.

Shipping and Delivery: Expect your turkey to arrive Tuesday to Friday of the week that you select. It’s best to order turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas at least 2 weeks before the holidays.

This holiday season, you too can take center stage with your loved ones and friends by providing them with a memorable and unique Texas dining experience.

Just realized you live near Terrell, Texas and want to pick up your turkey, then click here.

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