Jerry Baird’s 4 Seasonings Gift Box


Gourmet Texas Spices and Rubs

A great gift and an easy way to sample Jerry’s Baird’s spices.

Gift Box includes:

All-Purpose Seasoning, Rib & Brisket Rub, Fajita Mesquite Flavored Seasoning, and Jalapeno Sizzling Salt.

Jerry’s All-Purpose rub goes on anything you’re cooking (that ain’t moving).  The All-Purpose Rub is Jerry’s bestseller; it’s low sodium and gives food a fresh taste. Great on any meat or vegetable.  4.5 oz.

Jerry’s Rib & Brisket Rub adds a little sweet taste to your barbeque. No msg, and low sodium.  Your brisket will taste great.  It’s also wonderful on chicken, pork, ribs, or anything going on the grill.

Rub it on brisket with Jerry’s All Purpose Seasoning for an award-winning flavor.  4 oz.

Jerry’s Fajita Mesquite Flavored Seasoning gives your meat or chicken a hint of mesquite flavor, fresh taste and is low sodium. Liberally sprinkle the seasoning on your fajitas before cooking. This seasoning is also great on steaks, roast, wild game, and cabrito. 4 oz.

Jerry’s Jalapeno Sizzling Salt adds an extra boost of flavor and a fresh taste to your cooking. Contains no msg, and is low sodium. Use it instead of salt on pinto beans, green beans, steak, brisket fajitas or roast. 4.8 oz.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 4 in


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