Free Form Sweet Gum Walking Stick


Sweet hiking stick!





Free Form Sweet Gum Walking Stick

The Free Form Sweet Gum Walking Stick provides strength but is relatively light weight. The wood is carefully chosen, then sanded and finished to bring out it’s aesthetic beauty. Finally, it is sprayed with a protective, clear coat lacquer to insure a quality handcrafted walking stick here in the heart of Texas.

You can choose from 4 different lengths:

  • 41” — suggested for people who are shorter than 4’8”
  • 48” —suggested for people between 4”8’ and 5’4” in height
  • 55” —suggested for people between 5’4” and 5’11” in height
  • 58” – suggested for people taller than 5’11”

This is an ideal gift for anyone who is an avid hiker.

To add to the usefulness of the walking stick, choose from four accessory options:

  • Compass—a basic and accurate compass with large letters on a 18mm face which makes it easy to read. It is typically placed on the top of the walking stick. $16.49
  • Pewter Star—adds an element of the Texas star typically placed on the handle of the walking stick or cane. $16.49
  • Carrying Case—a nylon case that holds up to 2 standard walking sticks and protects them when not in use. $40.69
  • Combi Spike—is an interchangeable rubber ferrule and metal spick tip. It can be installed by us, or by the user if the user has basic woodworking knowledge. The stick will need to be tapered. $23.09

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