Hand Forged Carbon Steel Deep Skillets


Preferred by Professional Chefs All Over the World



Carbon steel pans are standard equipment for chefs around the world but it’s rare to see these pans in home kitchens. Now you have an opportunity to find out what chefs know when you buy one or all three of these deep skillets.

Carbon Steel vs. Cast Iron

Carbon steel is similar to cast iron because both materials are great at retaining heat and can go from stovetop to oven. They both can be used to cook in fire pits, smokers and campfires.

The sides of carbon steel skillets are sloped while cast iron sides are almost vertical. The slope and non-stick quality of carbon steel make it a breeze to sauté food. If you’re feeling adventurous, it’s easier to toss the food up in the air and back in the pan than in cast iron.

Carbon steel pans will not break or crack and these pans come with a lifetime guarantee.

*The skillets are pre-seasoned with coconut cooking oil.

The Hand Forged Difference

These skillets are the “Gold Standard” in carbon steel. The master artisan has thought of every detail including:

  • Creating and forging an incredibly beautiful “Signature Design” that will last longer than a lifetime
  • Forming a sleek handle and smooth back side that make the skillet easy to hold
  • Crafting a bail at the end of the handle so the skillet can be displayed
  • Sinking the rivets so they’re level with the surface of each skillet for ease of cleaning

The Texas artisan is committed to his craft and spends the time needed to make this heirloom quality cookware.

About the Deep Skillets

The higher sides (higher than the shallow fry pan) of the skillet make this the perfect pan for stir-frying, sautéing and if you’re feeling adventurous, flipping and tossing. The tossing and flipping motions also help food cook faster because the ingredients mix quickly and move around in the skillet. Perfect for recipes with many ingredients.

The sides also help to hold moisture in as opposed to the shallow fry pan that’s better for reducing liquids. The curve of the handles allows for more control and comfort.

The 13” skillet has two handles, the same gorgeous handle as the 9” and 11” sizes plus a smaller handle on the other side to help you get the pan in and out of the oven. The added bonus is that it’s half the weight of a 13” cast iron pan.

You will make your most memorable meals in these pans. They are beautiful to cook in and beautiful to serve with.

The pans are available in three sizes: 9” diameter, 11” diameter, 13” diameter

Deluxe Hand Forged Deep Skillet Dimensions and Weights

9 Inch Deep Skillet $195

  • 9″ diameter at the top, 7” at the base x 1 7/8″ deep
  • 17″ length including elegant handle
  • The skillet weights 2 pounds, 10 ounces

11 Inch Deep Skillet $225

  • 11″ diameter at the top, 9” at the base x 2″ deep
  • 19″ length including handle
  • The skillet weighs 4 pounds, 4 ounces

13 Inch Deep Skillet $335

  • 13” diameter at the top, 10” at the base x 2 1/8″ deep
  • 23″ length including handle
  • The pan weights 5 pounds, 6 ounces

Save 5% when you buy all three sizes for $717.25

Hand wash to maintain the high performance and beauty of the pan.

About the Texas Artisan

The artisan has been forging custom, high-end, architectural iron for almost 30 years. His magnificent work is featured in luxurious homes throughout the United States.

He’s now using his skills and creativity in these custom ironware skillets for the home. Form and function come together in these beautiful pieces for your kitchen.

The artisan’s motto – Beauty Born of Fire and Steel

Lifetime guarantee repair or replacement on your cookware.

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