Men’s Camouflage Aprons


The Manly Apron for Texas Chefs and Grill-Masters!




When you wear the long or short Men’s Camouflage Apron, you’ll be the star attraction. Usually camouflage keeps you hidden, but you might want to come out of the shadows because this apron is a showstopper.

The life-like Upland Bird pattern is from TrueTimber®. The company uses nature as its palette. The highest resolution digital imagery accurately portrays the great outdoors. From there the repeat camouflage pattern is created.

The Men’s Camouflage Aprons are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable.

The fabric is strong and durable just like anything in your hunting closet.

The aprons are available in two lengths. The full size apron is 36” long. The short apron is 25” long.

The aprons have a reinforced chest pocket and a 3-panel waist pocket. The adjustable neck strap is antibacterial. The hem is weighted at the bottom for added strength and form.


Full Size Apron: 36” long x ” 29” wide

Short Apron: 25” long x 29” wide

The waist sash measures 44”

One size fits all.

Machine washable.

Made right here in Texas.


Additional information

Weight 1.44 lbs
Dimensions 8.50 × 13.50 × .50 in


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