Mercantile National Bank Building, Dallas




Mercantile National Bank Building, Dallas

Mercantile National Bank Building, Dallas (1943 )is painting or print of the famous building in Dallas. This piece comes from a series of art of Dallas Scenes. which are the creations of Eric Hanson. At its completion, the Merc was the talles building west of the Mississippi River and it was the tallest building in Dallas until 1954.

Eric explaining his art, “Having come from a graphic design background — where precision and mass reproduction are defining characteristics — my paintings are a way for me to experiment with spontaneity and uniqueness.  I enjoy taking relatively ordinary subjects and giving them life.  With my Dallas Paintings, I attempt to capture my surroundings and present them with a life which might otherwise go unnoticed. I enjoy living in Dallas and have found that my paintings help give people a greater appreciation for the architecture which they may have previously taken for granted.

I often prefer to intentionally limit my color palette.  This began as a way to reduce my load of supplies as I biked to my painting locations, but it then turned into a challenge to see how much I could accomplish within my self-imposed limitations.  Another habit of mine is that I rarely mix my paint colors together and, when I do, it’s always done on the canvas.  This also began as a matter of convenience which I later incorporated into my style.”

Eric painted the original in acrylics on 9″ x 12″ canvas board on February 29, 2016. The print is on 9″ x 12″ matte cardstock.

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