R-One Eyed Joe Brand Salsas Holiday Special


Holiday Special! Order any three (3) of these One Eyed Joe flavors and receive an Epic Salsa FREE!

Limited Time Offer! Too good to pass up!

Cheese Dip Recipe below!

One Eyed Joe Brand Salsas – Holiday Offer: Buy 3 Get one Epic Free!

With this Holiday Special whre you buy three jars and get a jar of Epic Salsa FREE, you have two options. You can choose… 1 each of 3 flavors or 3 jars of any single flavor.

Option 1: 1 each of the salsas and sauce

Option 2: 3 each of any individual product

One Eyed Joe Brand Salsas give any recipe an extra zip that will have everyone coming back for more. You have a choice of three flavors:

·    Caliente Salsa—the first bite is the exhilarating taste of the habanero pepper! The blend of jalapenos, tomatillos and cilantro capture your taste buds, rounding off the full flavor of a great HOT salsa experience!  It comes in a 15.5 oz. jar.

·    Epic Salsa is a delight with its roasted red bell pepper flavor enhanced with the blends of fresh jalapenos, cilantro and other spices. A smoky taste with a MILD flavor that is just the right amount of heat!

·    Boss BBQ Sauce is a richly thick sauce made with brown sugar molasses. It clings to your favorite meat – whether during the grilling or as a delectable taste added afterwards to that pulled pork sandwich or those smokin’ ribs.

One Eyed Joe Brands are a Texas established, owned, and operated company. Our recipes are manufactured and packaged by a Texas co-packer who uses Texas grown fruits and vegetables in season. Our products are Gluten Free, contain no soy, and have no artificial preservatives.


RECIPE: One Eyed Joe Spicy Mexican Cheese Dip

Melt cheese in microwave for 2-3 minutes.

Stir, repeat until cheese is completely melted.

Blend in One Eyed Joe Salsa and milk to keep the dip creamy and smooth.

Repeat if necessary. Serve and enjoy!


Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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