Salsa Trio

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Too good to pass up!

 You have a choice of three flavors:

·     Caliente Salsa—the first bite is the exhilarating taste of the habanero pepper!

·     Epic Salsa is a smoky taste with a MILD flavor that is just the right amount of heat!

·     Boss BBQ Sauce is a richly thick sauce made with brown sugar molasses that clings to your favorite meat.

The Trio of Salsas are delicious. You can choose… 1 each of 3 flavors or 3 jars of any single flavor.

Option 1: 1 each of the salsas and sauce

Option 2: 3 each of any individual product

RECIPE: One Eyed Joe Spicy Mexican Cheese Dip

Melt cheese in microwave for 2-3 minutes.

Stir, repeat until cheese is completely melted.

Blend in One Eyed Joe Salsa and milk to keep the dip creamy and smooth.

Repeat if necessary. Serve and enjoy!


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

1 of each product, 3 Caliente bottles, 3 Epic bottles, 3 Boss BBQ bottles

3 reviews for Salsa Trio

  1. pghelms

    Texas’ Best homemade salsas and BBQ!

  2. marysue black

    Love the fact that there is no hi fructose in this outstanding bbq sauce. Good brown sugar molasses…no junk chemicals. All fresh and new….

  3. Melinda C Gordon

    I was there when they were still in the kitchen making it for guest and parties. My how they’ve grown still the best tasting salsas and BBQ around. It’s just not a dip or sauce you can do sooo much with them. Spice up, sauce up your recipes you’ll not be disappointed. I especially like to use the OEJ BBQ sauce for my southern baked beans complements every time. And everyone knows what they’re getting for Christmas ! I love making gift baskets for special occasions and now I hear they added olives what will they think of next!

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