Texas Treasure Collection Filled with Candles and More


A Special Collection Exclusively for Texas by Texans
$142 Value

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Fill you home with candles, room spray, potpourri, and more in your choice of captivating scents.

The Texas Treasure Collection has been created exclusively for Texas by Texans. The Collection is only available on this site.

The Collection is filled with candles, potpourri and more in your choice of heavenly scents.

Every product is handmade with natural ingredients.

The Texas Treasure Collection includes:

  1. Candle in a Glass
  2. Linen Room Spray
  3. Scented Sachet
  4. Tart Melts
  5. Potpourri
  6. Votives
  7. Diffuser With  Reeds

Choose from five Captivating Fragrances.

  • The Piney Woods scent is reminiscent of freshly cut pine trees. A clean and crisp fragrance.
  • The Almond Vanilla scent combines the smooth aroma of almonds with the tantalizing smell of vanilla. This is the most popular fragrance.
  • The Boot & Saddle scent has notes of artichokes and pomegranates. The unique combination creates a truly genuine leather aroma.
  • The Marmalade scent has hints of sweet oranges, cinnamon and spice. The fragrance is a favorite throughout the year.
  • The Pumpkin Spice scent brings to mind reminders of pumpkin pie with nutmeg and cinnamon.

Additional information

Select Fragrance for your collection"

Almond Vanilla, Boot & Saddle, Marmalade, Piney Woods, Pumpkin Spice


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