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Texas Lone Star Cake Pan


Star-shaped cast aluminum cake pan! So many uses for this durable cake pan!

Every baker needs a Texas Lone Star Cake Pan! Just think of all of occasions when a star is the perfect shape for your celebration — When you want to celebrate the star in your life or the star of the show, or the star of the game! Maybe it’s time to celebrate good grades or great results on a project. We all know of the story of the wise men following the star and we all know of the star on the helmets of our beloved Dallas Cowboys.

And then, maybe you just want to celebrate how much you love life deep in the heart of  of the Lone Star State. You will find many occasions when the Texas Lone Star Cake Pan is exactly the pan you need.

This pan is durable and well-made of cast aluminum. When you have two Lone Star Cake Pans, you can make the most extraordinary layer cakes! Buy a second pan and make beautiful layer cakes that look just amazing. So many people are going to admire the double-layer cakes you turn out when it’s time to celebrate something fun and delicious.

Made right here in the heart of Texas of cast aluminum, these pans are so durable they will last you a lifetime. They are so well priced, you will want to have a few extra pans on hand to give as gifts. 

You may need to order two of these cake pans for your own kitchen and one for a friend!

You will be glad to have these pans on hand when the Dallas Stars make it to the playoffs again and play to win the Stanley Cup! — or when the Dallas Cowboys are in the Super Bowl again! When Christmas is right around the corner, this is the perfect pan for the holiday season. 

Order and enjoy!

Made of cast aluminum in Texas by Texans.

Made in USA.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2 in


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