The Wand™


The Wine Wand Patented Wine Filters absorb histamines and sulfite preservative from red wine and white wine – alleviating headaches, skin flushing, congestion, and hangover.



The Wand™

Savor the Wine, Skip the Side Effects. Up to 70% of wine drinkers experience adverse side effects from wine including headache, skin flushing, congestion and hangover. The culprits? Histamines and Sulfite Preservatives in red and white wine. Using Patented Nano-Pore Technology, The Wand ™ Wine Filters remove up to 95% of histamines and sulfite preservatives from your favorite glass of wine.

The Wand™ 8-Pack (includes 8 individually wrapped Wand™ wine filters, ideal for two bottles of wine.)

The Wand™ Box of 24 (includes 24 individually wrapped Wand™ wine filters, ideal for six bottles of wine.)

The Wand™ 72-Party Pack (Buy more and Save!  Includes 72 individually wrapped Wand™ wine filters, ideal for entertaining.)

Additional Information:

How to use The Wand™

  • Remove The Wand™ from its BPA-free packaging.
  • Place The Wand™ in your glass of red or white wine.
  • Soak and occasionally swirl The Wand ™for at least 3 minutes.
  • Leave The Wand™ in your wine for 8 minutes for 95% removal.
  • Enjoy your wine AND tomorrow morning!


  • The Wand™ patented wine filter consists of nano-pore resin beads and BPA free pouch and handle.
  • The Wand™ wine filter is portable and disposable, fits in your pocket or purse.
  • The Wand™ wine filter is 100% Made in the USA, manufactured in Texas and FDA Compliant.
  • The Wand™ wine filter works for all types of wine, red and white.
  • The Wand™ is a single-use wine filter. Use one Wand™ on one 6 oz. glass of red or white wine for optimal efficacy.
  • The Wand™ rapidly aerates wine to maximize flavor potential.
  • The Wand™ preserves everything you love about wine, including acidity, tannins and antioxidants and leaves nothing behind but PureWine.
  • The Wand™ begins working right away, and absorbs* 29% at 1 minute, 66% at 4 minutes and 95% at 8 minutes.

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8 Pack, Box of 24, Party Pack of 72


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