shape of texas recognizable icon

Shape of Texas: The Most Recognizable Icon

No matter where you travel, whether it is inside the U.S. or around the world, there is one icon that virtually anyone will recognize.  Though many people recognize the geographic shape of their own country, and most people recognize the shape of the U.S., everyone recognizes the shape of Texas.

Texas isn’t the “biggest” state in the U.S. – it actually ranks second behind Alaska by a good bit.  In fact, Alaska is actually nearly three times the size of Texas in land space.  It doesn’t have the most people, with only about two-thirds the number of residents of the most populous state, California. Here is Texas compared with other land masses. It doesn’t have the largest city – with Houston ranked at number four behind New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.  So what makes Texas so special?  Because it is Texas!

Texas has a wide range of industry from the farms and cattle ranches of West Texas, to the Piney Woods of East Texas, to the culture in San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley, Industry in Houston and the Southeast, ending up in the “little silicon valley” and Live Music & Art Capital of Austin. Texas boasts a greater variety of resources and industry than any other state in the Union.

Texas is also the only state that was once an independent country (check out the Texas Declaration of Independence).  We have six flags for a reason because the state flew under each of those flags at one time in its history.  Once a senator from the “panhandle,” we won’t name names but everyone in Texas knows where the panhandle is, actually proposed that Texas be broken into five – yes FIVE – different states.  That didn’t go over so well and the state remained….Texas!

We have notable history and a serious conflict about which place was actually the first capital of Texas (Washington-on-the Brazos, Harrisburg-on-the-Bayou, San Jacinto – which can be claimed by Houston and Galveston and a few others).  It seems the only place people can agree is truly the capital is Austin.  Still, none of that is what makes Texas – Texas.

All over the world, you can tell someone you are from Texas – and they know exactly where you are talking about and if you show someone a picture of our state – they know what that picture is.  The shape of Texas is the most recognized icon in the world but even that isn’t really what makes us “Texas.”

Texas is unique because of its people, with their friendliness and can-do attitude.  In Texas, we can do anything and we grow up knowing just that.  Wherever we go – even if we move away forever, we will always be from Texas.  When you live in Texas, a little bit of the state seeps into your heart and you always take it with you.

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