Texas Products for the New Year

Texas Products to Help You have a Great New Year

Happy New Year from all of us at Texas by Texans! We are blessed with another year and we know you are already starting those resolutions. There are a few Texas products that can keep you on track and stay the course to self care, which is highly important to us all!

Getting outside and being active can be a delight using one of our hand-crafted wooden walking sticks. There are several different versions, including one that is meant for traveling. The Traveler’s Walking Stick screws into three equal parts to make it easy to carry on the go. Each part is around 19” long to provide ease of storage in luggage, in an airplane overhead bin, in a backpack or on the seat of a car. Not only does this mean you have something sturdy and handy while on a walk or hike, but also it isn’t a burden to take on those upcoming trips you have promised to take this year.

Texas products - homemade walking stick

Texas products
Let’s not forget about everyone who may be making new beginning at a job or looking to improve their first impressions for 2017. For the men we recommend the Fusion Razor and Brush Set made of Osage wood.



Texas ProductsFor ladies, we have an Activated Charcoal Dead Sea Salt Scrub that detoxes the skin and leaves the face and body rejuvenated which is perfect for a fresh start.



Of course cleaner eating is always on the resolution list. One of the healthiest ways to cook up great meals for you and the family is on the grill. Show off your talents in Texas-pride style with our Lone Star State apron and chef hat.

Texas Products - Texas BBQ Apron

No matter what you are planning to improve in your life, or enrich others this year, our Texas by Texans vendors are sure to have just what you may need. And until March 1, you can use the coupon code tbtspecial10 to take 10% off your cart for ALL our Texas products.


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