Who are the “Texans” of “Texas by Texans”

For the Texan, asking about “Texans” is a simple history question – but in this case, the “Texans” we’re talking about are artists, craftsmen (and women), vendors and manufacturers of products made in Texas – for people who love Texas just like we do.  Of course, we think everyone should love Texas – and if they don’t, it’s just because they don’t love us “yet.”

Texas by Texans was started by Shannon Barnett, Anthony McClure and the Texas ranch dog, Sali. These folks are three Texans – who of course “love Texas” – we say that a lot! In addition to being from the Great State of Texas and having extensive business experience – they are terrific folks!

Shannon Barnett, is the picture of Texas women.  She has extensive experience in the business world but has Texas Ranching in the blood.  Her father grew up on a working cattle ranch in Central Texas – a real-life cowboy.  He believed that children should master two things by age 10 – riding horses and shooting a gun.  Naturally, like most Texans – she took those lessons seriously and while a lot of her Ft. Worth high school friends were in dance and music lessons, she was out on the skeet shooting range with her dad.  Shannon admits that she is “no Annie Oakley” but she made her father proud.

As a third generation Texan, Shannon tells her grandkids that they should take pride in being fifth generation Texans.   She wasn’t sure that the “Texas pride” message was getting through to her oldest granddaughter but one day, she found a note from the granddaughter that said simply “Hi 3rd, Love 5th” – which goes to show that those young minds were listening.  Shannon knows that her grandkids will walk the path of Texas proud.

Anthony McClure is a proud, military veteran with a long business resume as well.  To add to the military history of his family – and there is a lot – his father and his son are also veterans, all having served in special operations or combat roles.  The history goes way further back than that though and is particularly interesting to Texans.

Anthony’s great, great, great….uncle (he isn’t really sure how many great’s) fought with Sam Houston (yes, that guy) in the War of Texas Independence.  The uncle was originally from South Carolina and though he loved Texas, he got homesick for the deeper south – and went back home.  Because of his Southern Heritage, Anthony actually has a certificate from the U.S. Army as an “official” translator of “Southern English.”  How’s that for interesting?

Anthony is also a lifelong member of the Boy Scouts of America and true to Texas perseverance, earned every BSA award possible – as a Scout and an adult – including Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver and the Heroism Award for Valor.

Asali is known simply as “Sali” by most of her people friends.  She is also a Texas Native but has a bit of a different background (being a dog and all).  Her pedigree is Rhodesian Ridgeback and her family emigrated from Africa, many, many, many generations ago but they brought a lot of range management knowledge with them.  Sali knows all about life on a working, Texas ranch – raising horses and cattle – but, also, buffalo and elk.

One of Sali’s happiest days on the ranch was when the roosters were taken off the property.  They were waking her up at 4 AM and though she is a ranch dog at heart…she really wanted to sleep in a tad bit more, maybe ‘til 7.

Sali walks “Texas proud” and lives by the Texas Ranger credo “One Riot, One Ranger.”  Though her people friends will tell you that she has a big heart and goes out of her way to avoid conflict – don’t back her in a corner because, just like the Texas Rangers, she can take care of business.

These Texans embody the truth that Texas isn’t just a state – it is a state of mind!  Part of that mindset is giving back – and Texas by Texans is a proud supporter of the Texas Work of Art Foundation which supports the advancement of music and art education in accredited Texas schools.  A portion of the sales from Texas by Texans products goes straight to the non-profit organization and the expansion of art education and entrepreneurship among Texas youth.


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