Texas by Texans Our Mission

Why Texas by Texans – Our Mission

Everyone who has lived in Texas knows that Texas is more than just a great BIG place, it’s a GREAT big place. They also know that it is one of the most recognizable icons!  Those that haven’t lived here, may not know it yet but they sure know about how great we think it is.  It goes way beyond “Everything is bigger,” we think everything is better.  It goes beyond just sayin’ “y’all,” drinking sweet tea and wearing cowboy boots.  Texas has everything you could need – and Texans by Texans has some of the best of what you want.

Texas by Texans has great gifts, food and music made in Texas by Texans, but that isn’t the whole story.  When you buy something from Texas by Texans, you support art and music education programs in Texas schools through our Texas Work of Art Foundation.

We believe in giving back to the community and the best way to do that is to support Texas youth.  Many public school children face school days that only include rote subjects.  We know these are absolutely necessary, but it leaves out creativity.  We are helping to change that and ensure that the Texas spirit stays alive and well.

Many of our manufacturers and craftsmen are truly artists.  We want to help Texas kids to turn artistic talent into a career.  Our foundation is developing comprehensive art and music education programs for high school students – but we aren’t leaving out the STEM subjects – because we also support Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Through our work, through our products, we are encouraging a continued entrepreneurial spirit in Texas.  We offer unique, award-winning products made by artisans, craftsmen and musicians – and at the same time help the next generation develop that same spirit.  This is our mission – to support creativity and grow the Texas spirit, today and tomorrow.

Texas by Texans offers the best in Texas-made products, each with a little bit of Texas love that is baked, sewn, painted or played right in to our foods, textiles, gifts and music.  When you order a gift from us – you help us support Texas business and creativity today – and tomorrow.

Texas by Texans sells only products Made in Texas by Texas artisans and craftsmen.  We offer Texas treasures of all types from food and clothing to home and yard décor.  A portion of every purchase goes to support the Texas Work of Art Foundation which promotes the advancement of art and music education in Texas schools.  At Texas by Texans, we know that Texas is not just a place – it’s a state of mind!


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